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A. Public relations is a powerful tool that will help create and maintain your company’s brand and public image. It leverages the power of newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, websites, radio, and television to boost a company’s visibility and credibility through third-party sources. Using Public Relations, you can deliver your message to key publics, helping to grow business, reach new customers, and build and enhance your reputation. Public relations tells your story to the people who matter.

A.  Advertising, social media, websites, blogs, and other marketing tools are paid media meaning you’ve paid for the content and placement of the information. PR is earned media meaning you don’t pay for placement in newspapers, magazines, or television programs. In PR you must develop a story that is relevant and appealing to reporters. Public relations is unique because it harnesses the power of the media to get your message out. Studies show that news stories are far more credible and more respected than advertising therefore audiences pay more attention to them. PR is a valuable part of any business plan. 

A. With 24-hour news cycles and countless social media channels it’s imperative that you control your own message. If you don’t others will. Communicating effectively to your target audience is essential to growing your business. PR does that while enhancing your company reputation and keeping you top of mind with all your audiences including current and prospective customers. 

A. Waiting until a crisis hits and then calling on PR is never a good plan. PR helps build long-term relationships with media that can be called upon quickly in times of crisis. Making sure your message is conveyed accurately and swiftly is essential especially when facing a crisis, and having good long-standing relationship with the media will do just that. 

A.  Goals and objectives should be evaluated regularly, and modifications or additions made to improve the campaign. All communication efforts take time and PR is no exception. Typically, it takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years of continual work to accurately evaluate the impact of a PR campaign.

A. Kym. I have more than 25 years of experience in public relations, communications and copywriting. I work personally with all my clients to meet their needs and goals. 

A. Give me a call and let’s talk about your business. You can schedule a meeting using the Schedule Now link below or call me at  502-593-2329 or reach me via email   

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