How PR Can Help Your Company During a Recession

PR is a valuable and cost-effective way to keep your company visible. As other businesses cut their communications budgets, take advantage of the void in the information marketplace and grow your brand.

Grammar Check

In this blog we’ll look at a few of the most common word choice errors. Mistakes our friend spell check won’t find since the words, while spelled correctly, are being used incorrectly.

Proof, Proof, Proof Before you Publish

You’ve finally finished writing that article, blog post, or newsletter and now you’re ready to publish. Or are you?

Proofing your work is essential and something that’s difficult to do on your own. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do a good job proofing your own work. Why? Because your brain is amazing. It knows exactly what you mean to say and will fill in the blanks for you. It will…

Writing a Winning News Release


For any organization, large or small, getting the word out about who you are and what you do is critical to generating new business. News releases are an excellent way to tell your story and garner exposure and interest in your company. Media outlets are inundated with news releases, so you need to make sure yours stands out. These tips will help you create a winning news…

What is an On-Line Newsroom and Why do you need one?

You’ve spent months working on your new company website or refreshing your old one. You’ve defined your brand, identified your best prospects, got some kickin’ photos, maybe even a new logo and now you’re ready to launch. Or are you? If you haven’t included an on-line newsroom read on to find out why you should.

What is an on-line newsroom?

An on-line newsroom is…

What is Public Relations and How Can it Help Your Business?

While most people may have heard of public relations there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding it. So, what is public relations and how is it different from other marketing tools?

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